Water Supply And Network Systems, Sanitation Master Plans Analysis & Design

Our Service

  • Modeling of water supply and distribution systems for potable water
  • Modeling of water quality in distribution systems
  • Modeling of sewage collection systems
  • Analyzing and evaluation of the above with designing of upgrades/improvements
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Masterplans

Prime Projects

City of Winkler water network modeling, analysis, designing upgrade to system to implement a two-way concurrent pumping control system, flow control at new WTP and pressure control at main storage reservoir and distribution pumping system.

City of Morden Capital Improvement Plan. Modeling of supply and distribution system, analyzing and design of system to also cater for drought conditions in much bigger regional area and to provide fire fighting for area between the two Cities. First phase of upgrading the central distribution pumping system has been completed as a result.

Further work has resulted in proposed minor work to WTP to improve water quality instead of spending ten times the cost of providing a new WTP. Solution-Based Proposal was only to provide a membrane system to treat a side stream of the existing sand filter system.

Based on our Water Quality Modeling, we could include in the improvement designs, a solution to eliminate the high chlorine dosages at the WTP to eliminate the forming of THMs in the distribution system.

South African Government: Sanitation Master Plan for 300,000 people spread over a large area (125km2) to be serviced with tankers and gravity sewer systems. A master’s degree in civil engineering was awarded to Johan based on his work for this project. Also, the Development Bank of Southern Africa recommended the same approach to get an Electrical Supply Master Plan in place for this same area. Refer to Photo Gallery below for area involved, ie a mixture of Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural.