Sewage Collection Systems

By applying sound engineering principles (and not following a table with recommended minimum slopes) JDB Project Engineering was able to eliminate several newly proposed lift stations as well as existing lift stations with gravity sewer systems

The usual approach is to design sewer lines based on cleaning velocities, which is not optimal design, result in deeper and more expensive sewer lines, especially for low flows

Prime Project

Replacing an existing lift station with a gravity line for the City of Morden. After many years in operation this lift station was due for an upgrade but was replaced by our gravity system design, which was constructed a few years ago and is still functioning very well without any operational problems

Based on average and peak flow analysis, we could hydraulically design the 250mm diameter gravity line to have a slope of only 0.108% slope on about 50% of the length of the pipelines. The minimum slope indicated in the literature for a 250mm diameter pipe is 0.28%