Waste Water Treatment Facilities

With many years of experience in Wastewater Treatment Facilities, especially with Johan’s tenure as Director of an international known Engineering Company in South Africa, specializing in wastewater treatment, he was intimately involved with the following engineering activities on several wastewater projects:

  • Project Engineering and Lead Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Plant Layouts and Plant Hydraulics
  • Process Mechanical Equipment
  • Tender and Contract Documentation, Tendering and Adjudication
  • Construction Supervision and Contract Administration
  • Commissioning and Training of Operators

By submitting a Solution-Based Proposal we are the successful Consultants to be awarded the St. Lazare Wastewater Treatment Facility in Manitoba, Canada. Also, by submitting a Solution-Based Proposal we were the original Consultants to be awarded the City of Morden Wastewater Treatment Facility, later renamed the Water Resources Recovery Facility due to the features been introduced, i.e.:
• The final effluent, which could be returned back to the Lake from which the City is withdrawing their raw water for treatment for potable use.
• Sludge to be generated in the Plant stabilized to Class A Biosolids for immediate use as composting without further treatment.

This Design with fully completed tender documents has been cancelled by the new City Council due to uncorroborated reasons, and is now still be regarded as a concept but unique and feasible according to the original Review Consultants from Vancouver.

JDB Project Engineering was the Lead Consultant with the following specialized smaller Consulting Engineering Companies for the following services:
• Structural Engineering
• Building Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Process Engineering (for reviewing Design and Build by Supplier)
• Geotechnical Engineering

JDB Project Engineering responsible for engineering on:
• Site Works
• New Outfall Sewers
• Plant Hydraulics (interconnecting pipe work, pumps, screening, and grit removal)
• Specifications/Tender/Contract Documentation for Process Mechanical Equipment

All mechanical process equipment, screening equipment, grit removal equipment, ultraviolet disinfection equipment and pumps have been tendered, bids adjudicated, and contracts awarded based on letters of intent

In our honest opinion this could have been the least expensive wastewater treatment facility in Canada per person serviced as far as we could gather, while it will produce also a very high quality of final effluent with superior sludge stabilization in the cold climate of Canada.