Project Information

We have given baby steps to enter the international market with the establishment of an office in Belmopan, the capital city of Belize, about two years ago.

Our first project awarded in Belize was due to our Solution-Based Proposal to solve the wastewater problems at the Los Porticos Villas in Placentia.

The design was unique and based on a combination of a septic/balancing tank, biological active filters, humus sludge handling, a polishing filter (artificial wetland) and disinfection. Tenders have been received and adjudicated, and the contract has been awarded to a local Contractor. Our Proposal competed with that of a local Belizean Supplier, which proposed two (2) treatment packages and eleven (11) small lift stations for wastewater collection on the Resort.

Our Proposal was about half the cost of that of the Supplier with only one (1) lift station, fed by a newly designed and constructed gravity sewer system. Our small plant has the minimum visual impact with no odours at all.

In our opinion, this BAF System to treat wastewater is the most optimal and cost-effective solution to solve the many issues with wastewater treatment in Belize to meet the DOE Effluent Standards and better.

We have also been successful in being appointed for a small drainage plan and water supply system for a small resort in San Pedro.

Regarding water and sewer systems, we believe we can provide better solutions than those currently installed and/or planned.